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Friday 20th March - 10am Eastern

Video is hot...but making videos and getting You Tube traffic can be daunting if you are new to it!

This easy-to-follow 6 day workshop makes the whole thing simple!

  • Delivered in a "Desktop Members Site" - a software the contains all of the video lessons, pdf and optional Tube Optimizer Software in one handy place
  • Lessons 2 - 6 are password protected and the passwords are sent out by email each day - no information overload!
  • The upsell is already in the dashboard. Your customer buys the unlock key to make it work

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For this product, I am selling simutaneously on JVZoo & Clickbank using my proprietary Vatbuster software. Sales in EU countries will be handled by Clickbank and sales in the rest of the world will be processed by JVZoo.

Don't panic...By creating a special link below, you will get paid for both JVZoo & Clickbank sales that you send

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Replace the XXXX in this url with your Clickbank Affiliate ID to make your Clickbank Link

Step 3

Paste your JVZoo link into the "Non-VAT" field and your Clickbank link in the "VAT" field and click the "submit" button to generate your unique Vatbuster affiliate link

Your unique url is:

Use this special link to ensure that you get paid for every sale

NOTES: You can send traffic to your JVZoo link if you prefer but you will miss out on commission on EU sales if you do. If you are not approved for instant commissions or denied as an affiliate in JVZoo, you are welcome to promote using your Clickbank affiliate link.

Affiliate Tools

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You Know You Must Use Videos..But How?
Video and You Tube Marketing De-Mystified At Last!
If You Don't Use This, You Are Trapped In 2004!



All successful marketers agree on ONE thing...

If you want to get anywhere, you need to use video prominently in your marketing efforts. if you don't then you are stuck in 2004 and have already been left for dead!

But how to get started if you have never made videos  or optimized them before?

  • What sort of videos should you make?
  • Where can you find free tools to help you?
  • How do you optimize your videos on You Tube for maximum traffic?

These and many more things are covered in  Barry Rodgers' 6 day video desktop workshop.

This is a desktop application that delivers lessons over a 6 day period so you don't get overwhelmed with information. You can get to grips with the basics of video & You Tube marketing one step at a time.

>> Check it out here YOUR VATBUSTER LINK

The best thing is, Barry could have easily charged at least $17 for this but you won't believe your eyes when you see the buy button!

If you want to get started with videos or maybe you just want to discover some ninja tricks (like how to have a video on You Tube without making a video...or the free tool that helps you read a script to camera in a natural way whilst looking at the camera the whole time)...

Grab this today before Barry puts the price up!

>> Get your copyhere YOUR VATBUSTER LINK

Hope this helps

To YOUR Success


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