Barry Rodgers Reviews..

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This is an extremely comprehensive You Tube training that covers virtually everything you need to know and is totally bang up to date. Unlike many lower priced products, you can see the work that has gone in here...leaving no stone unturned. In fact, this is not a lower priced product. It will be more sensibly priced after the launch is over and will also be a premium training on Udemy.

The Pros

  • You get the skinny on new and upcoming You Tube freatures
  • You get the low down on how tags and other ranking points are set to change
  • There will be stuff in here that you don't know and will make you more money or get you more traffic in 2016
  • Troy throws in two of his software products that you can use in your you Tube marketing - included in the price
  • It is only $7 until 10th Jan

The Cons

  • Easy to get "info-overload" as there are so many lessons. Take it easy & dip in and out as a reference tool and you will be fine.


Because is is totally up to date...because is has so much detail...because it is just $7 - Just Get It!


My Bonuses

I have two software products as bonuses that will really help you make videos and get them ranking well in Google & You Tube

Bonus #1

Easy Video Creator

This is a Windows software that will automatically make slide videos (with either text or images) and actually use the computer voice to read out the text for you if you wish. I see many videos made using tools such as this ranking high on Google and YT.

Bonus #2

Tube Optimizer Wizard SaaS

The SaaS version of my Tube Optimizer Wizard. This creates a unique and optimized title, description and tags for videos (including review videos) in just a few clicks.